Stocks and Shares

Stocks and Shares

Our Approach

MN Consultancy Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) has been providing sound financial advice in the North East and throughout the UK since 2007. We pride ourselves on offering totally independent advice to both individuals and business clients of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to financial planning, enabling us to help clients with their goals to build, protect and ultimately pass on their wealth.

As IFA’s we look across the whole investment space into alternatives, alongside traditional investments, with the aim of delivering attractive returns for clients whilst taking the appropriate level of risk.

The benefit of our dedicated in-house investment and research means that the investment process is not driven by external set asset allocation, but by the adviser and paraplanners own fund selection and asset parameters. We are constantly monitoring fund performance and executing research to deliver the best investment performance. Our adviser’s long history in investments means that we have experienced different economic styles and recognise the importance of protecting client's money since the late 1990s.

Our holistic approach of assessing each aspect of a client’s financial life and researching across the whole of the market has enabled us to provide the highest quality of financial advice.

The Logo?

Back in 2007, it was decided that the Company needed a fresh corporate identity away from the usual shields and birds of the financial sector. The company wanted to have a symbol or logo that would identify and characterise our principles.

After an extensive search, the chosen logo was the two Koi fish. The fish has always been one of the most widely used good luck symbols that is correlated to attract wealth and

abundance in the Feng Shui world, because of the Chinese wording of fish (Yu) sound like “Surplus”, representing overflow of good fortune. In addition, fish belong to the water element and in Chinese belief, water also symbolises wealth and prosperity. Besides these, koi fish is also a symbol of success and determination.

We look forward to assisting you and please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

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