Stocks and Shares

Stocks and Shares


Investments can play a pivotal role in safeguarding a financial future for you and your family. With so many investment options to choose from and so many potential pitfalls, deciding where to invest your money can become a daunting task without the right advice. At all stages of our lives we’re likely to be savings for something, someone coming straight out of University could be looking to save for their first house whereas someone in later life could be looking to save in a tax efficient investment vehicle to gift money to relatives after their death.

Choosing the most appropriate investment solutions for you involves understanding your financial goals, risk tolerances and just as importantly, your current and anticipated future tax position. There are many different investment opportunities that could fulfil your financial objectives over the medium and long term and as an Independent Financial Adviser, we are not tied to buying a particular provider’s products, nor do we restrict ourselves to particular assets or investments but instead, research the whole of the available market.

In many instances, the underlying investments are just as important as the vehicle used to access them, not least because different investment vehicles have subtly different tax treatments. Using the right combination of investment vehicle, be they ISAs, OEICS, investment bonds, direct holdings, annuities, or trusts to name but a few, can significantly enhance long term performance without taking on additional risk.

We are not looking to invest in tomorrow’s big winners, as often these solutions can turn out to be the big losers. Instead we seek to build portfolios that aim to achieve steady, consistent performance without the constant worry of loss and extreme fluctuations.

To provide the best financial future for you and your family, considering all your assets in your financial planning is a crucial part of managing your wealth. MN Consultancy can work to increase your wealth and deliver the best possible returns, based on an implicit understanding of your financial circumstances, risk preference, expectations, and needs.

The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested

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