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Stocks and Shares

IHT Planning

No one can predict what will happen in the future, but it can be beneficial for you and your family to have measures in place that can legitimately preserve your wealth on death.

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the value of your estate that your loved ones/beneficiaries will need to pay before receiving the contents of your estate. The tax charge that families need to find before having access to the estate can be a fairly large and expense to finance if planning hasn’t been considered. Throughout retirement, we all strive to continue a standard of living that you feel comfortable with and ensuring that your wealth will continue to provide an income or provide security to loved ones upon death is of upmost importance.

Our advice focuses on legitimately mitigating the impact of Inheritance tax, whether this involves taking advantage of exemptions and reliefs, or structuring your affairs and investment portfolio to achieve the right balance of access to your money when you need it.

We will look to reduce any financial burdens that your beneficiaries could be at risk to by implementing effective strategies to ensure as much of your wealth is passed on to your loved ones instead of the government.

Trusts can be tailored to achieve a variety of different objectives and can be tightly constrained or extremely flexible depending on the needs and objectives.

A trust can be established on your behalf to appease a variety of factors; to protect selected assets against claims, to ensure the smooth succession of assets upon death, and avoid expensive probate fees. The benefit of the planning can support education fees for family members, ensure your children keep their inheritances, reduce the impact of certain inheritance taxes and avoiding unwanted claims on your estate when you die.

Trusts can play an important role in ensuring peace of mind by protecting your assets. A family trust can potentially provide a legacy in your name which could ultimately last for up to 125 years, throughout that time serving future generations of your family with a source of capital to draw on when the need arises, whilst protecting the capital from those who you do not want to access it.

Tax planning is part of a holistic financial planning process, whilst it may not yield immediate results it can over the long-term make a significant difference to your financial wellbeing and that of future generations of your family.

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